Home of The Lynch Baa Flock

A hundred years ago, the Dorset Horn was a regular site on the downs and in the fields of Hampshire and Dorset but over time their numbers have shrunk to such an extent that this breed is now often considered to be a rare breed. Over this period, farmers have opted to switch to more commercial breeds of sheep, sacrificing meat quality for a more prolific breeding sheep.

In order to keep the Dorset Horn tradition alive and to rear a premium meat producing lamb, the Lynch Baa Pedigree Dorset Horn flock was founded in 2009 with 30 Hoggets from the Dorset Horn flock of established Breeder Peter Corbett. High grade Ram, Deverill N9423, known as Doom Baa, was acquired from Adrian Dufosee’s Deverill flock in the spring of the following year to complete the flock.

Sheep have grazed around Merdon Castle since the twelve century and the Lynch Baa Flock plays an important environmental role around the castle and in other less accessible grazing areas of the estate. The sheep complement the Short Horn Herd and enable the Estate to maximise the farming potential of the land.

One exclusive attribute of the Dorset Breed is their ability to breed all year round and the Lynch Baa Flock is carefully managed to ensure the ewes are in perfect condition during the lambing season, whether that is in the autumn or the spring. The emphasis is on rearing a top grade ram carcass and ewe lambs with a superior conformation suited for breeding stock. The ewe lambs are sold at the Exeter Dorset Fair and privately to enthusiasts looking to enhance the quality of their existing flocks.